News update

Dear Friends

Sorry for lack of contact for so long.  A quick update on what is happening re the Livesey.

At last year’s local elections there was a change in administration at Southwark and with it came a more positive approach to the future of the Livesey Museum.  We met with Cllr Ward (Member for Culture/ leisure) and she indicated that the Council would be looking for new proposals for a future use of the building.  However there was no commitment from the Council for any funding and given the current financial situation for local government, it seems likely that the Council will be looking for a self sustaining solution.

We understand that there have been various proposals put to the Council and we have offered to provide financial support using the money that was raised during the initial campaign (provided that whatever is proposed falls within our charitable remit).

The Council have now told us that a report on the future of the museum will be presented at the Cabinet meeting on 21/6/2011.  We have not yet seen the report but have been promised a copy plus a copy should be available on Southwark website when the meeting papers are published. 


Sorry we can’t be more informative at this stage.  We suggest that if you want to express your views on the report when it is released you contact Cllr Ward directly (would be helpful if you cc us to let us know the level of reponse) – her email is  


Liz Wilkinson, Friends of the Livesey Museum

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